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Our Profile
Ketan R. Shah has a long and prestigious history. Since the firm’s formation in 1981, firm has prided itself on values such as competency, professionalism, responsibility, accountability, honesty, integrity and dedication, values which have been critical to our continued growth and success.
We have been dedicated to providing a world class services to our Clients.
Our aim is to establish a personal and long term relationship with each Client with a view to tailoring our services to their individual needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to deal not only in a professional manner but also on a qualitative and timely basis with any assignments we undertake.
The firm's office is fully equipped with ultra-modern facilities and is located in fastest growing city of India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
We offer initial consultation to prospective Clients who wish to discuss their requirements in detail and consider it our privilege to be of service to you and to assist you to add value to your portfolio.
We value fairness, integrity, secrecy and respect in relationship with clients and ourselves.
Our Vision
We are passionate about providing exceptionally high levels of service and care to our customers, with whom we are working together with trust and mutual respect, to help them achieve their goals. We believe this is the key to our success and that of our customers and what sets us apart from our competitors. Our employees are proud to be part of the firm's excellent reputation in the professional and business community and share the same values of working together in a professional manner, with the highest ethical standards and a strong customer care brand.

We invest time to get to know our customers individually, build relationships and understand their personal and business needs and goals. We explain our services clearly, carry them out effectively and price them to represent value to the customer. We are known for doing what we say and doing it when our customers need it. Our work and advice is innovative, timely and pro-active. In Our everyday work, on each assignment undertaken, we look for opportunities that will specifically benefit our customers.
Our vision is to be accepted as the very best service-oriented practice in Gujarat offering exceptional levels of customer service to its clients and at the same time providing acceptable financial returns to its shareholders.

Our staff is most important to us and our objective is to provide a harmonious, pleasant and productive office environment where staff at all levels can fulfil their personal aspirations and attain their career objectives.
Our Mission
Our Values determine how we behave, with clients and with each other Honour Responsibility Commitment to Community Service And, last but not the least, Integrity For we believe integrity and credibility are the very foundation for a long lasting relationship.
We believe that Times change, Business change, People change. Delightfully unchanged is the sheer joy of learning, upgrading one's skills, understanding and finding solutions to the problems -which is stimulating, exciting and satisfying. And that is the trip of a true professional.
When it comes to assessing firms of accountants and deciding which one you’d like to use, we believe that for most business owners it’s not just a question of price, but also a question of standards, ethics and, above all, values. After all, you want to deal with people you like and trust, not just people who offer the cheapest prices!
Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude at all times.
Why we can sleep at night…
By maintaining these values we sleep soundly at night, knowing we are delivering professional and efficient services to you, and ensuring you always meet your statutory obligations.
We don’t just want to measure your numbers… we are here to help you actively change them. By maintaining regular meaningful contact with you, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of your business and offer solutions to your business problems which add measurable value.
It’s our aim – always – to exceed your expectations and become an indispensible part of your team!
As a trusted Advocate firm in Gujarat, we are not only obligated, but also proud to demonstrate the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour in everything we do. That means we do our utmost to safeguard public trust in financial reporting and business practices.